The Seventh-day Adventist Church Statement on Vaccines

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has issued an official statement on vaccines, saying it “encourages responsible immunization” and has no faith-based reason to discourage believers from

Covid-19 Government Support List

While we are in the midst of this pandemic we realize that many are having financial issues. Here we will list resources that you can

Seek God For Yourself

We can ask for all sorts of things, but if the LORD God is the source of life, if He is the source of provision, the source of protection, grace and peace, then we need to be seeking God. Every day we must seek His face more than we ask Him.

Hot Meals

If you need a hot meal the Jamaican Canadian Association has you covered.

100 Days of Prayer

Starting March 27th join with the world as we pray for such a time as this. The resources can be found here.