Our Church

On a Spiritual Journey

On January 27, 1979, a group of 35 Seventh-day Adventists formed a company at Yorkgate Community Centre. They were drawn from the Willowdale, Perth, Toronto West and Kingsview Village Seventh-day Adventist Churches. These faith-filled believers called themselves the Downsview Seventh-day Adventist Church and started their spiritual journey.

We were led by many pastors and met at various places of worship. Our senior pastors were:

  • Pr. Travis Afflick
  • Dr. Andrew King
  • Pr. Ledford Morris
  • Dr. Ken Campbell
  • Pr. Frankie Lazurus
  • Pr. Eustace Henry
  • Dr. Steve Cassimy
  • Pr. Cyril Newman
  • Pr. Bob Sparenberg

Our associate/assistant pastors were:

  • Pr. Michelle Clarke
  • Pr. Samuel Sinnanainar
  • Pr. Sean Folkes
  • Pr. Leonard Northe
  • Dr. Ida Smith
  • Pr. Garth Dottin
  • Pr. David Thompson
  • Pr. Prem Nathan

God was always leading our congregation. In 1994 He sent Pastor Ken Campbell. Pastor Campbell joined forces with our flock and helped us to realize our dream of having our own place of worship. In less than two years, Downsview Church was led to 37 Bakersfield where we became one of the first Adventist churches to launch tent meetings in Ontario in recent times. To God be the glory.

Another major project that we undertook was to build a new church building on the property of 37 Bakersfield. After many years of planning, and saving, this dream was accomplished.



Founding Members

Members from Willowdale Church

  • Sis. Florence Agrippa
  • Sis. Phyllis Akers
  • Bro. Stephen Akers
  • Sis. Judith Allen
  • Sis. Michelle Allen
  • Sis. Phylis Allen
  • Sis. Addis Anderson
  • Sis. Marion Bainbridge
  • Bro. Kevin Bainbridge
  • Bro. John Bainbridge
  • Bro. Robert Bainbridge
  • Sis. Beverly Bonner
  • Bro. Horace Bonner
  • Bro. & Sis. Nigel Buxton
  • Sis. Barbara Chambers
  • Sis. Y. Ennis
  • Bro. Granville Farr
  • Sis. Eva Francis
  • Sis. Maxine Francis
  • Sis. Jacinth Guthrie
  • Bro. & Sis. Hawkins
  • Sis. Felicia Leacock
  • Sis. Millicent Lindsay
  • Bro. & Sis. Lue
  • Bro. & Sis. M. Manzer
  • Pastor L. Milliken
  • Bro. Lance Mitchell
  • Bro. Danny Molorino
  • Sis. Helen Morgan
  • Sis. J. Noel
  • Sis. Esmie Riley
  • Sis. Deslyn Stephens
  • Sis. Inez Williams

Members from Harvie Church

  • Sis. Alfeda Allen
  • Sis. Dotrice Ashley
  • Bro. George Ashley
  • Sis. Zerfry Ashley
  • Bro. & Sis. Gllimore


Members from Perth Church

  • Sis. Monica Dennie
  • Sis. Audrey Dennie
  • Bro. & Sis. Leslie Bridgett
  • Bro. Anthony Bridgett
  • Sis. Gladys Gayle


Members from Kingsview Village Church

  • Bro. Marvin Loney
  • Bro. & Sis. Trevor Shaw


January 1979
Yorkwoods Gate Community Centre

In the early days 
a small group of worshippers met at the Yorkwoods Gate Community Centre. 

Services were conducted by
Pastor L. Milliken

May 1979
Pastor Bob Sparenberg

Our first pastor, Pastor Bob Sparenberg,  arrived in May 1979 

May 1979
Westview Centennial Secondary School

Shortly after Pastor Sparenberg arrived, our place of worship shifted to Westview Centennial Secondary School

C.W. Jeffries Secondary School

Our next stop was C.W. Jeffries Secondary School.

Pastor Cyril Newman

Pastor Cyril Newman became Downsview’s new pastor

Pastor Haskell Edwards

Pastor Haskell Edwards became our new pastor in January 1985

Beverley Hills United Church

Beverley Hills United Church on Mayall Avenue was another stop along our journey

Dr. Steve Cassimy
Pastor Eustace Henry
Pastor Frankie Lazarus
Pastor Kenneth Campbell
37 Bakersfield
A Place of our Own

After years of moving from place to place we purchased our own property at 37 Bakersfield. There were many renovations to be done, but we came together to renovate the building into a beautiful sanctuary.

Ground Breaking
Church Construction

As a church we decided to step on in faith and build an ediface to the glory of God. Our church was built on the property that we already owned. 37 Bakersfield St became to the home of two church buildings.

Pastor Ledford Morris
Dr. Andrew King
Oct 2023
Pastor Travis Afflick
March 2024
Pastor Michelle Clarke

Downsview Church Organized

Cloudy skies darkened the morning, yet there was sunshine in the souls of God’s people as they gathered at the Yorkwoods Gate Community Centre on

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