Downsview Church Organized

Cloudy skies darkened the morning, yet there was sunshine in the souls of God’s people as they gathered at the Yorkwoods Gate Community Centre on March 31 for the Downsview Church organization.

Special guests for the service were Elder and Mrs. E. C. Beck, president of the Ontario Conference, and the Lay Activities director for the conference, Elder E. R. Bacchus and fam ily. Also included in the program were the conference secretary, Elder W. R. Bornstein, and pastor of the Willowdale church, Elder L. Milliken.

Pastor and Mrs. Larry Milliken

In his special message to the church members. Elder Beck reminded them that the church is organized for fellowship, for service, and for helping others to know the truth. He stressed that this is the time and this is the generation for finishing the great work. A t the close of his address Elder Beck called for a motion and a vote from the floor that would initiate this new church into the association of churches in the Ontario Conference. Fifty-six charter members signed the official membership list as over two hundred visitors and guests from area churches looked on.

As a commemorative gift for the occasion, thirty new church hymnals were presented on behalf of the Ontario Conference.

Article from the Canadian Adventist Messenger Volume XLVIII, No. 9, May 3, 1979 Oshawa, Ontario
Eva Ward
Eva Ward

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