45th Anniversary Logo

The journey for the Downsview Seventh-day Adventist Church began on January 27, 1979, with 67 members meeting in each other’s homes. After many Sabbath meetings, the group began to grow and the need for more space was seen. After meeting in multiple locations the group, now under the leadership of Dr. Kenneth Campbell acquired 37 Bakersfield Street, little did the small group know when the journey started that 45 years later on June 28-30, 2024 that over 500 members, including former members and visiting friends would gather to celebrate how God has led this congregation and how he has provided for this congregation.

Pastor Ledford Morris

This grand anniversary weekend began on Friday evening with a youth led praise and worship team, led by Sis. Shaina Lue. Praises were sent heavenward preparing us to hear a word from Pastor Ledford Morris. His sermon was entitled “The Journey to Glorify God”. He reminded us to not only focus on the past, but also the present realizing that in this moment we can enact change for the future.

Sabbath morning started with Sabbath School led by Sis. Sharon Lazarus. We were favoured with a musical rendition by Sis. Lachelle Lazarus followed by a feature acknowledging to the past Sabbath School superintendents. Soon after we transitioned to the Divine Worship service. The Worship Service was the height of the Sabbath’s programming from hearing about our rich church history from Sis. Monica Dennie and Bro. George Ashley, listening to Children’s story by Sis. Camielle Henry with her guest puppets, grandma and grandpa, and the Praise and Worship led by Sis. Damaris Morris.


This was followed by an anticipated rendition from the Downsview Reunion Youth Choir singing ‘How Excellent’ before hearing from Pastor Marvin Clarke Sr on the topic “The Journey Broke my Heart, but Fixed my Vision”. The sermon was concise, intergenerational, and profound. Reminding us that sometimes the loads we carry in life are meant to hurt us, but God will remix it into our blessing. As a church we were encouraged not to forget where we came from but always remember what God has brought us through.

The Sabbath celebration ended with a concert featuring some of Downsview’s home grown groups. Followed by another timely message, this time done by former lead pastor, Pastor Frankie Lazarus, entitled “We’re Almost There”. This was our encouragement to keep the faith and to hold on. The golden morning would be fast approaching, and Jesus soon will come, so how shall we stand?

On Sunday, June 30, 2024, the members of Downsview, past and present along with their guests showed up for the grand finale, the ultimate celebration, an opportunity for the saints to dress up, let loose, and be entertained with good music and lots of laughter. As the evening wrapped up, including the weekend celebration, many persons were thankful for the time spent in the presence of the Lord and in the presence of friends, family, members past and present and looked forward to seeing how God will lead us for the years to come.