It’s been a great year

So, we are now in the month of December and as we think about the past year at Downsview we can certainly say that the Lord has been good. The Lord has blessed our church with a growth in membership through Baptism and and transfers in. We were also able to be the principal location for powerful evangelistic series that targeted our region, the Toronto North Central region. It began with youth week of prayer with Evangelist Andrew Barrett. Then we had our lay evangelistic series with Elder Martin and Elder Lue. Finally. we hosted the Hope 2016 series with Pastor Bill Santos.

In addition to the evangelistic campaigns we also had a number of other initiatives. We have seen the stair lift project come to fruition. Seniors and the disabled can safely travel downstairs to take part in the various programs that we have on the lower level of the church. We also we able to complete payment on our mortgage and we look forward to the official mortgage burning ceremony in 2017!

We thank the Lord for blessing us throughout 2016 and we look forward to seeing what the Lord will do for Downsview in 2017!

May God Bless You Richly!